April 19, 2023

Richemont reinvents itself: Productivity and mastery of industrial know-how thanks to Mercateam

Presentation of the company

  • Sector of activity: Luxury industry
  • Nationality : Switzerland 🇨🇭
Richemont digitalizes its industrial know-how with Mercateam

Known for its prestigious houses in the luxury sector (Cartier, Van Cleef, etc.), Richemont is an emblematic group that has distinguished itself by its craftsmanship and creativity, which have propelled it to the rank of leader in the design of jewelry, watches, the fashion sector and associated accessories.

Context: Digitalising to boost competitiveness and industrial know-how

The luxury sector is a highly competitive industry that is constantly reinventing itself. In this sector, which relies heavily on complex expertise, Richemont wanted to implement Mercateam at the Villars sur Glâne logistics center in Switzerland. The objective of the Mercateam implementation was to capitalize on the human resources and the employees present in the field to gain in productivity and to follow as closely as possible the increase in operators' skills.

In order to face this context, the group has set two main objectives:

  1. Improve productivity on site by saving time for field teams;
  2. Control industrial know-how on site and anticipate the loss of skills (turnover, etc.).

Mercateam's mission

To support the strategic objectives presented above, we accompanied the Richemont group for 6 months on :

  1. The implementation of the tool Mercateam for :
    • Digitize 100% of the skills and authorizations in the field;
    • Digitize and standardize the training process;
    • Perform a 100% automated planning of the employees on site;
  2. Support for organizational changes related to the digitalization of processes;
  3. An ROI analysis to show the benefits of implementing Mercateam.


Saving operational time on administrative tasks (with low added value)

  • +1000 h / year saved* following the implementation of the automatic planning ;
  • 100 h / year gained * on skill management ;
  • The tool is user-friendly and easy to use during the conduct of audits;

Structuring and rationalizing information for field teams

  • 10 Excel files deleted on 2 logistic sectors;

Mastering industrial know-how and anticipating business risks

  • Notification of expiry of clearances & competencies up to 3 months in advance;
  • Centralized monitoring of data related to skills & authorizations (site / sector / team KPI feedback).

** Return On Investment (ROI) study conducted on a site with 100 employees and 4 team leaders*.