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The right person,
with the right skills,
in the right workstation.

Mercateam is an operational HR solution composed of a portfolio
of functionalities based on know-how: competency and authorization management, job assignment planning, training, annual interviews, work standards and instructions, GPEC and strategic workforce planning.
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They all use Mercateam to manage their know-how

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Find out why

Mercateam is the backbone
of your know-how

Mercateam is used every day by operational staff (team managers) and provides reliable, nomenclature-based data, which is very useful for support functions (HRD, quality manager, COO, etc.)
Mercateam reconciles field and support functions!

Identify who knows what in your organization

With Mercateam, put your field operators
at the heart of your business:
Mapping the skills of your employees
Multi-skill and empowerment matrix
Control all security risks with the
management of authorizations and restrictions.

Assign the right person,
with the right skills,
at the right workstation.

With Mercateam, production managers no longer have to chase after Excel, Word and paper.
Posting schedule
The schedule works under constraints
History of job placements

Automate your
training paths

With Mercateam, you can manage the development of skills and monitor the versatility of your teams.
100% digital training module
Creation of personalized training paths
Definition of objectives for increasing skills

Standardize and transmit
your know-how

With Mercateam, you can finally standardize your know-how
and identify who owns it.
Creation of your own content
Management of your standards and work instructions at the production station
Follow the status of ongoing training

(Re)add value to your professional interviews

With Mercateam, discover the first interviews that are directly connected to field skills.
Tailor-made interviews
Track and analyze the progress of interviews
Send reminders about uncompleted interviews
to give added value to interviews
Build your GPEC/GEPP and your Workforce planning

Build your GPEC/GEPP
and your Workforce planning

With Mercateam, you anticipate the future and the evolution
of your jobs.
Definition of tomorrow's jobs
Implementation of multi-site training plans
Analysis and follow-up of your action plans

With Mercateam ...


On average, 47 Excels and 30 Word documents are deleted for every 100 people.

time saved

Managers who use Mercateam gain 5 hours per week in managing their teams.

import file

Sites managed with Mercateam increase their versatility by 23%
and gain production agility.

updated data

The skills are up to date and allow you to organize your training plan and communicate it with the field in 5 clicks.

mobile and tablet app

100% of the know-how is accessible in the field via tablets and smartphones for your field operators.


Meet the challenges of agile productivity. 0 minutes of downtime for your production lines

Mercateam integrates with your HR, payroll, planning and training software

Our tool integrates with the main market solutions at the customer's request. Stop double entry and send richer field data to your systems.
Please note that we are an operational tool that complements HR or technical solutions but we are not an HRIS.

Our customers talk about us

Production Manager,
On average, 47 Excels and 30 Word documents are deleted for every 100 people.
Site Manager
My teams are becoming more efficient and I am ensuring to have an agile factory that avoids the risk of having a skill gap.
Team Leader LVMH
In two months, I reduced the time allocated for planning preparation by 30%.
QHSE Manager
I don't have to worry about tracking critical skills or authorizations that are due to expire, Mercateam sends me a reminder several months before
Team Leader
I will be able to look at who is available in the other teams or the temps and if I have an absentee, replace him quickly
Production Manager
If Mercateam stops, I lose my team leaders!
Team Leader
From now on I make my schedule in 10 minutes
The tool allows me to easily organize my training plan with the production manager and integrate it into the schedule. I can finally focus on tomorrow's needs instead of chasing after Excel in the field

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