Manage your production teams more effectively

Dynamically map your operators' skills, train them effectively to increase their agility, and assign them to their workstations with a single click.
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They use Mercateam to manage their teams in the field

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Mercateam helps manufacturers
increase agility and efficiency

➜ 1 day per week gained on managing the job assignment schedule

➜ +25% worker versatility

➜ Time spent on audits divided by 3
Mercateam reconciles field and support functions!

operators backat the heart of your business

Map the skills, authorizations and restrictions of each employee, as well as your needs by position.
Reliable field data for the entire company (HR, quality manager, etc.).
Reduce time spent on audits
Identifying the skills needed for production
skill matrix

Create your
shift schedules in justa few minutes

Automatically assign the right person to the right job, based on skills, authorizations, shifts, attendance or constraints.
Reducing safety risks and accidents
Automatic reassignment in the event of absence
Identify available staff in other teams

Increase your employees' versatility and agility

Manage your teams' skills development with tailored, easy-to-implement training plans.
Creation of personalized, modular training paths
Automated validation workflow with electronic signatures
Manage the versatility of your operators

Standardize and transmit
your know-how

With Mercateam, you can standardize your know-how and identify who owns it.
Creation of your own content
Management of your standards and work instructions at the production station
Follow the status of ongoing training

Add value to your HR interviews and engage your employees

With Mercateam, connect your job interviews to skills in the field, using concrete data.
Give your employees recognition for the skills they have acquired or the training they have received
Identify the skills you need to acquire

Send reminders about uncompleted interviews
to give added value to interviews
Build your GPEC/GEPP and your Workforce planning

Anticipate the evolution of your jobs and stay competitive over the long term

Build your GPEC or GEPP and plan the training of your field staff.
Define tomorrow's professions
Set up multi-site training plans
Track your action plans

With Mercateam ...


On average, 47 Excels and 30 Word documents are deleted for every 100 people.

time saved

Managers who use Mercateam gain 5 hours per week in managing their teams.

import file

Sites managed with Mercateam increase their versatility by 23%
and gain production agility.

updated data

The skills are up to date and allow you to organize your training plan and communicate it with the field in 5 clicks.

mobile and tablet app

100% of the know-how is accessible in the field via tablets and smartphones for your field operators.


Meet the challenges of agile productivity. 0 minutes of downtime for your production lines

Mercateam integrates with your HR, payroll, planning and training software

Our tool integrates with the main solutions on the market.
Stop double entry and send richer field data to your systems.
Please note that we are an operational tool that complements HR or technical solutions but we are not an HRIS.

Our customers talk about us

Chef de production,
On supprime en moyenne 47 Excels et 30 documents Word toutes les 100 personnes.
Directeur de site
Mes équipes gagnent en efficacité et je m'assure d'avoir une usine agile qui ne prend pas de risque d'avoir un trou dans la raquette en termes de compétences.
Chef d’équipe LVMH
En 2 mois, j'ai diminué de 30% le temps alloué à la préparation du planning.
Responsable QHSE
Je n'ai plus à m'inquiéter du suivi des habilitations ou compétences critiques qui arrivent à échéance, Mercateam m’envoie un rappel plusieurs mois avant
Chef d'équipe
Je vais pouvoir regarder qui est dispo dans les autres équipes ou les intérimaires et si j'ai un absent, le remplacer rapidement
Responsable Production
Si Mercateam s'arrête, je perds mes chefs d'équipe !
Chef d'équipe
Désormais je fais mon planning en 10 minutes
L'outil me permet d'organiser mon plan de formation facilement avec le chef de production et l'intégrer au planning. Je peux enfin me concentrer sur les besoins de demain au lieu de courir après des Excel sur le terrain