👉 1st White Paper on the digitization of plant operational management 👈

Assign the right person,
with the right skills,
at the right workstation.

Mercateam allows you to automatically assign your resources to the best position based on all your constraints (required skills and certifications, shifts, presence, etc.)

You can perform this exercise in the short, medium, and long term. Once the algorithm is launched, you will be able to identify all skill gaps and resource risks, so as to make the necessary decisions.

Associate your production positions with required skills and authorizations

No more Excels, paper, and head team organization!

Manage your resources and schedule your work hours and assigned positions effortlessly and automatically.
With our scheduling software, you ensure there are no gaps in your operations.

The workflow allows you to automate the assignment of positions and tasks based on your constraints (positions, absences, and medical restrictions).
Our automatic scheduling takes an average of 25 seconds to assign 100 people. You can also instantly know which employees are available for certain tasks, allowing you to react quickly in case of last-minute absences.
Associate your production positions with required skills and authorizations
Manage the allocation of your resources according to your constraints

Manage the allocation of your resources according to your constraints

Your managers have access to the presence and skills of all employees on the site. They can make requests to other individuals to meet an urgent need. If there is no need for long-term contracts, the managers will have access (connected to HR) to external resources (temporary workers).

A rating and communication system will also simplify the transmission of information between teams.

Promote communication and mobility among teams within the site by providing a tool that offers a comprehensive view of the site, encourages mobility among teams, and allows the exchange of important information.

Automate your shift schedule

Automate the management process of production teams in your factory.

Mercateam allows you to automate team assignments and production planning, thereby helping you increase productivity, efficiency, and collaboration at your production sites.

Automate your production team planning and accomplish more, faster. You can use the staff assignment planning software as a comprehensive solution for all your staff assignment needs and anticipate the risks of knowledge loss.
Automate your shift schedule
Track the history of personnel planning

Track the history of personnel planning

What can't be measured can't be improved.

Keep a history of everything that happens in the field:
your job placements (very useful in the event of an audit),
versatility, absenteeism rates...
Relaunch previously scheduled job postings.

Managing your staff assignments has never been easier with Mercateam. In just a few clicks, see who is working, who is on break, and who is absent.