👉 1st White Paper on the digitization of plant operational management 👈

Simply digitalize
your training courses!


Digitalize your training processes and follow-up!

Use our training module to standardize your approach and eliminate the need for manual training and binders .

We make it easy for you to transform your training materials with the best video and audio technologies.

With this digitization you can launch workflows and Mercateam will capture the data to help you plan your training.
Identify your training needs

Identify your training needs

Easily identify your training needs based on the current skills and knowledge of your employees.
Easily identify gaps, skills, and abilities missing in your organization.
Easily decide what training is needed to develop important skills and meet strategic objectives.
Evaluate the currentskills and knowledge of your employees.
Track and analyze results at the end of the campaign.

Create your training path supported by artificial intelligence

Questionnaires? Multiple-choice questions (QCM)? Open-ended responses? Electronic signatures?

The Mercateam module lets you digitize all your processes, associating them with a skill, a job, a position, an onboarding and transforming them into a workflow.
No time to write up your training process? Mercateam's artificial intelligence module will automate the writing of content.

Of course, the module complies with all standards, keeping track of your training revisions, proof of training, etc.
Create your training path supported by artificial intelligence
Track the progress of your training plans

Track the progress of your training plans

Follow the progress of training in real time, from onboarding to the development of skills in key areas.
Analyze the results and the answers on which employees have difficulties.
Always have proof that an employee has been trained in case of a problem.

Reconnect HR with operations

On the tool, identify trainees, trainers, and evaluators in a few clicks. Take advantage of thedashboard analysis to track your training and analyze the data. Make extractions in a few clicks to go further in the analysis.
Reconnect HR with operations