👉 1st White Paper on the digitization of plant operational management 👈
June 9, 2023

Unither Pharmaceuticals digitalizes plant team management 

Find out how Unither Pharmaceuticals, a major player in the pharmaceutical sector, has digitized and optimized the management of its plant teams by leveraging the functionalities offered by Mercateam.

Presentation of the company

  • Business sector: Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations.
  • Nationality : France

Unither Pharmaceuticals is a subcontractor specializing in the development and manufacture of niche healthcare products. With over 30 years' experience, Unither has become a world leader in Blow-Fill-Seal technology, with an industrial presence on 4 continents and products sold in over 100 countries. In 2022, the company recorded sales of 371 million euros and has 2,000 employees.

Background and challenges

Unither Pharma wanted to digitalize and improve the management of its plant teams.

The organization of the teams prior to Mercateam's intervention can be summed up in a single sentence: "Excel is difficult to maintain and time-consuming to use".

  • Numerous macros
  • Numerous filters
  • Only one user at a time
  • Schedule needs to be reprinted each time a change is made (e.g. 1 unplanned absence => reprint).

The main issues were planning, activity monitoring, skills management and the organization of temporary staff assignments.

Planning :

  • Eliminate the need for multiple Excel planning files
  • Digitizing the production schedule display

Activity monitoring (MOD) :

  • Break down workstation activities more precisely for better cost monitoring
  • Keeping track of teams and contracts

Team / skills management (Typical teams) :

  • Ensure the territoriality of skills linked to production lines
  • Monitoring the "respect for typical teams" indicator

Organization of temporary staff assignments :

  • Maintaining the existing organization
  • Defining and ensuring data governance

Mercateam's mission

Thanks to Mercateam, Unither Pharma has been able to simplify and digitize its planning processes, by eliminating the use of several Excel files and implementing a digital display of production planning. Mercateam has also enabled Unither Pharma to monitor production activities and costs more closely, and to better manage the skills of its teams and the assignment of temporary staff.


The organization of the teams after Mercateam's intervention can be summed up in a few points:

  • Installation of touch screens in production, enabling each operator to consult the schedule independently;
  • A schedule that is instantly updated with changes made by team leaders, thus avoiding reprints and communication errors;
  • Removal of complex macros and filters, making the system easier to use and maintain
  • Multiple users can access and work on the schedule simultaneously, facilitating collaboration and responsiveness.


  • Reduce the number of Excel files used for planning by 50%.
  • Real-time schedule updates visible in the factory via touch screen

Activity monitoring (MOD) :

  • Finer breakdown of activities for better cost control
  • Team and contract history to optimize time management
  • From one to three activities per station for greater precision

Skills management (Typical teams) :

  • Monitoring the "respect for standard teams" indicator to improve territoriality
  • KPI on the "territoriality" of teams to ensure operational continuity

Organization of temporary staff assignments :

  • Maintain existing organization with a single point of entry for data updating and standardization
  • Definition and implementation of data governance with a site owner and RACI (processes and tools)

Time-saving for team managers:

  • Better organization of data frees up team managers' time

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