12 April 2022

Shiseido saves a 1/2 day a week with Mercateam by digitizing its skills management system

Shiseido, the cosmetics and luxury giant, solves its skills management problems

Nationality Japan 🇯🇵

Sector cosmetics 💄

Shiseido is not just any brand. Founded in 1872 by Mr. Arinobu Fukuhara, it is the oldest cosmetics company in the world! In fact, the name "Shiseido" means "The house where everything is born."

For more than 140 years, the company has been developing beauty products of internationally recognised quality. Values such as creativity and innovation have enabled the brand to become an essential part of the beauty and care industry.

Today, the Shiseido group includes many cosmetics players such as Nars and Dolce&Gabbana.

In France, two factories located in Gien and Ormes, in the Loiret region, produce all the perfumes distributed by the brand worldwide, as well as all the cosmetics for export to Europe and Asia.

skills management Shiseido
image: https://shiseido.fr/fr/fr/about_history.html


"The Gien plant and its 250 employees have embarked on an in-depth transformation of the production tool, its physical flows and its organization."(loiret.fr). Of these employees, 123 are assigned to the packaging department. This area has doubled in volume over the last two years. Such a change implies a review of the organization of work schedules.

Indeed, every day, the 4 division managers adjust the schedules on Excel, according to the production needs of the moment. This is a real headache that hinders the agility of the structure.

Mercateam's mission

To meet these challenges of agility and versatility in the packaging sector, we have set the following objectives:

  • Simplify daily organisation by replacing Excel planning files with a digital solution
  • Enable division managers to see the skills of their teams at a glance (i.e. improve skills management).
Our factories have talent | Shiseido solves its skills management problems!


To carry out this project, we worked closely with the Shiseido teams, and more specifically with :

  • The 4 division managers
  • Short-term coordinator
  • 2 administrative officers
  • The Human Resources Manager.


Digitalisation of planning

The tedious Excel-based schedule is now replaced by the Mercateam solution. The schedule is displayed in the field on digital screens, making it accessible to all teams. It is also updated in real time.

In concrete terms, more than 14 Excels files have been eliminated, which is a significant time-saver for the division managers. They also benefit from the optimization of workstation placements thanks to Mercateam's intelligent suggestions based on the skills and competencies of operators.

Fully digital planning on Mercateam

Mapping of competences

The skills matrix has been 100% digitized on Mercateam. This represents more than 2,100 skills assigned to the 123 employees. This information is centralized and homogenized, thus allowing a better valorization of the teams.

Key figures

13 Excels deleted = 4 hours gained per week for the division managers

Team versatility rate = +34%.

All managers are 100% autonomous on Mercateam after 2 months.

What Shiseido's teams think

I can easily find out who can do what through Mercateam's search tools
The skills of the entire workforce are always up to date
I can quickly identify which employees are available and competent through the search and planning views

Shiseido collaborators

This is not all

Mercateam is also a solution developed in collaboration with our partners. Shiseido requested 11 specific functionalities which were developed in 2 months. These new developments are now benefiting all of our customers (for example, the affection of temporary workers).

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