12 April 2022

LISI Aerospace and real-time training: operators always up to date

A global industry giant, the LISI Group, and particularly LISI Aerospace, can proudly claim to be a true leader in the aerospace sector since 1977. Operating in 9 countries, the company provides assembly components for all types of aircraft worldwide.

Visit the factories of this giant and you will discover sophisticated machines capable of delivering complex parts with exceptional precision. Operating in such an environment requires increasingly demanding know-how and compliance with important safety standards.

LISI quickly realized that the Excel spreadsheets used for more than 15 years were reaching their limits in managing :

  • Increasing the skills of their teams
  • Mobility between different teams & plants to be more agile
  • Monitoring of critical skills & accreditations to be reactive in case of an audit
  • Job placement under ever-tighter constraints
  • The transmission of expert know-how to continue producing in any condition

LISI therefore decided to call on Mercateam to to digitalize the entire operational management of its teams. The objective was simple: to gain organizational productivity, agility and eliminate errors.

The direct effect of Mercateam deployment

  • 23 Excel files deleted every 100 people
  • Training audit time is significantly reduced
  • Dozens of documents digitized and accessible in one click in the field
  • Daily absenteeism management in record time
  • Reduced health and safety risks on high-risk machines
  • Notification of critical competencies and expiring clearances

"I no longer have to worry about keeping track of critical clearances or skills that are due to expire, Mercateam sends me a reminder several months in advance."

training follow-up

Our functionalities in the routine of LISI

Launch of the training courses

On the support side, communication with the field has been considerably improved. No need to run after Excel and documents from the field to get information. Human Resources can in a few clicks anticipate the resources needed to build the future, identify holes in the system and launcha digitalized training plan.

Skills management

The access to the skills matrix is done in real time on a screen within the workshop. Everyone can therefore identify his or her skills and those needed to grow with the company. Each employee feels valued and LISI can reward these initiatives at the end of the year because it measures the day-to-day work carried out by the operators.

Monitoring and auditing

It is possible to import and export any data related to the progress of external or internal training. The development of skills advancement within each team is tracked in real-time, accessible to everyone, allowing for a more confident response to external audits.


The digitized scheduling allows for quick and precise assignments, taking into account absenteeism, skills, and shift preferences. By rotating through various positions, employees gain skills, versatility, and increased engagement.

Planning Mercateam

Success in numbers

✔️ 5 times more smiles in the field 😀
✔️ Versatility rate in the plant increased by 20% 🏭
✔️ Reactivity and agility multiplied by 2 to meet the challenges of the health crisis 2️⃣
✔️ Audit preparation time divided by 3
✔️ Training time divided by 4 thanks to customized workflow 👍

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