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Mercateam partners

Mercateam is surrounded by partners from the world of start-ups and large companies

Mercateam is surrounded by solution, technology and institutional partners to support its growth and deployment. 

Mercateam partners

Station F

Mercateam is incubated at the fantastic Station F and has been selected as one of the 50 most promising startups of 2021


Mercateam has joined the LVMH Startup House in Station F to support our French and international luxury goods industrial partners in the digitalisation of their production sites. A sector in which human know-how is at the heart of product design and where the role of the operator is more than crucial. 

Microsoft for Startups

To support our approach to co-construction of our SaaS solution, Mercateam is a member of the Microsoft for Startups programme and as such benefits from privileged relations with Microsoft and turnkey integrations with applications from the 365 ecosystem.

HEC Paris

Mercateam has joined the HEC Paris network and benefits from an ecosystem of talented entrepreneurs who support us in our development and the achievement of very ambitious goals. 


Kima Ventures, the fund of serial entrepreneur Xavier Niel, finances and supports start-ups, including Mercateam, to follow their hypergrowth.

oss venture

OSS Ventures, a French start-up studio specialising in industry, builds software solutions with visionary operating companies and innovative technology founders to accelerate the digitalisation of operations.


Isai, one of our financial partners, is an investment fund for French Tech entrepreneurs. 

Devez partners with Merca Team