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November 15, 2023

Competency mapping: Why is it essential?

Imagine an industrial world where every decision is taken with surgical precision, where every resource is used to its full potential, where efficiency and productivity are not just buzzwords, but tangible realities. It's in this spirit that skills mapping is an essential HR tool for industrial companies. In this article, we invite you to discover the essence of competency mapping, its vital importance and how it can transformefficiency into profitability.

Skills mapping - Mercateam

Definition and objectives

Competency mapping is the art of drawing up a living picture of the skills within your organization. It aims to provide a clear and precise representation of the skills available, thus facilitating alignment between your company's strategic ambitions and the talents who will deliver them.

Why is it an indispensable HR tool?

In the industrial arena, skills specialization is not a luxury, but a necessity. Competency mapping becomes essential for :

  1. Promoting agility: It enables rapid reallocation of talent according to changing production needs.
  2. Developing talent: It identifies gaps and targets training to prepare your teams for tomorrow's challenges.
  3. Guiding decisions: It provides reliable data for forward-looking human resources management.
  4. Increase productivity: It ensures optimum use of skills, reducing adaptation times and maximizing efficiency.
  5. Consolidate competitive advantage: It becomes a strategic lever to stay ahead of the competition.

Optimizing human resources

In an industry where every resource counts, aligning skills with tasks is crucial. Competency mapping enables you to identify under-utilized talent and reposition it strategically, maximizing its impact on your company's performance.

Lower training costs

Consider training as a targeted investment rather than an expense. Precise mapping guides your training programs to fill specific gaps, optimizing costs and impact on production.

Productivity improvement

By putting the right people on the right projects, skills mapping helps you get the most out of your teams. It creates synergies, minimizes problem-solving time and accelerates task completion, resulting in a significant increase in ROI.

ROI - Skills mapping - Mercateam

Competency mapping is more than just an HR formality; it's a pivotal point around which your company's efficiency strategy can be built. By making the most of this approach, you can forge an organization where decisions are taken with confidence, and where efficiency becomes the driving force behind profitability. It's in this context that Mercateam 's solutions come into their own, offering you the tools to map with precision, develop with relevance and optimize with finesse the skills at the heart of your industrial activity.

The key to success is to orchestrate a symphony in which every talent plays his or her part with mastery. Here's how, in five acts, you can compose your own skills-mapping masterpiece.

Act One: Identifying key competencies

Your score begins by recognizing the talents that are essential to your company's performance. Technical skills are essential in the industrial sector, in terms of both quality and safety. A clear vision of these skills is essential.

Act Two: Skills assessment

Here, you're the conductor of the orchestra, conducting theskills assessment with precision. Use specialized skills management tools for plants - from technical assessments to feedback from colleagues - to get a measure of every skill.

Act Three: Gap analysis

Like a maestro identifying disagreements, analyze the gaps between current skills and those required for the future. This act reveals where to invest in training and how to align talent with business needs.

Act Four: Action planning

Now write the rest of the symphony. Determine the training moves needed, the recruitments to be made, and the strategic reassignments to make full use of available skills, while keeping pace with production cycles.

Act Five: Follow-up and updating

Competency mapping is a living composition, requiring regular adjustments. Establish a timetable for reviewing and refreshing this map, ensuring that it remains in harmony with technological and market developments.

SaaS solutions and their role

Solutions such as Mercateam act as a digital conductor for skills mapping within industrial companies. By centralizing and automating the process, these platforms offer a comprehensive, up-to-date view of workforce capabilities. They facilitate theidentification of existingskills and gaps, enabling strategic planning of training and skills development.

skills mapping

In addition, Mercateam simplifies theallocation of human resources by aligning skills with production needs, thus improving productivity and efficiency. The digitization of training and assignment processes, as well as the updating of instructional content, are made more efficient, reducing delays and errors. Finally, the platform contributes to better management of career paths and appraisals, supporting the ongoing development of employees and reinforcing the company's learning culture.

Integration with other HR systems

Seamless integration with existing systems is like perfect harmony between the sections of your orchestra. These digital solutions synchronize with payroll and talent management to increase efficiency tenfold.

Plant skills management software integration

To see competency mapping in action, let's look at Trigano, where this methodology has refined team management and boosted performance.

The use case of Trigano, a leading French company in the leisure goods sector, illustrates the effectiveness of digitalizing production team management with Mercateam. Prior to this transformation, Trigano VDL managed its skills using traditional methods such as Excel and paper, with no standardization of the skills library. This made the day-to-day management of know-how, production quality, efficiency and operator safety particularly difficult.

With the implementation of Mercateam, Trigano has tackled 5 key themes: the management of skills and authorizations, the digitization of the training process, the simplification and optimization of job assignment choices, professional appraisals, and the digitization of all content relating to instructions and sites. The deployment of Mercateam included several stages, such as mapping know-how, digitizing data, standardizing and digitizing assignment planning, and managing site content and instructions.

The benefits of this transformation have been significant. Trigano has made annual savings estimated at almost €350,000, with a return on investment (ROI) of less than three months, thanks in particular to optimized management time for managers, improved production quality, and faster, more efficient transmission of changes to quality and production instructions. Feedback from Trigano's teams underlines the efficiency of the system, with update and management processes now much faster and more efficient thanks to Mercateam.

When properly managed, skills mapping becomes the cornerstone of a progressive and competitive industrial organization. Mercateam is ready to offer you the keys to flawless skills management.

If this talent management score resonates with your ambitions, set the tempo and schedule a demonstration with Mercateam. For those who want to deepen their knowledge first, download our comprehensive guide to competency mapping. Now is the time to set your company in motion with harmonious, strategic talent management.