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Manage the expiry of operational authorizations and the obsolescence of certifications


According to the CNCP (Commission National de la Certification Professionnelle)operational habilitations and certifications are defined as " an attestation materialized by a document sanctioning professional mastery and following a process of verification thereof".

Operational clearances are required in certain areas such as safety, health and education, and are granted for a specific period. Expiry refers to the date on which an authorization expires, preventing the person from carrying out tasks or gaining access to certain areas.

Similarly, certifications obtained in various fields such as information technology, finance, medicine, etc. indicate that the person has achieved a certain level of skill or knowledge in a particular area. attained a certain level of competence or knowledge in a particular field. However, these certifications may become obsolete over time, as technologies and standards evolve. Such obsolescence occurs when the certification is out of date and no longer reflects current knowledge and skills.

With the rapid evolution of technologies and practices in many fields, the skills and knowledge required can change over time, rendering certifications obsolete if they are not regularly updated. According to article L. 4121-1 of the French Labor Code, employers are required to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and protect the physical and mental health of their employees.This also includes the management of operational authorizations and certifications.

Managing the expiration of operational authorizations and the obsolescence of certifications is crucial for a number of reasons:

  • Security : Operational authorizations are often granted for security reasons. If they expire, this means that the person is no longer authorized to perform certain tasks or access certain areas, which can compromise the organization's security. As far as certification obsolescence is concerned, if certifications are not regularly updated, this can lead to a decline in skills and knowledge, which can also compromise safety and, above all, the company's productivity.
  • Compliance Compliance: many industries and regulations have training and certification requirements. Failure to meet these requirements can result in fines or other sanctions. So it's important to manage the expiration of operational clearances and the obsolescence of certifications to stay in compliance.
  • Quality Quality: operational clearances and certifications are often used to ensure the quality of work performed by employees. If clearances have expired or certifications are obsolete, this can lead to a drop in the quality of the work performed, which can be detrimental to the company.
  • Career development For employees, operational clearances and certifications can be important for career advancement. If these clearances and certifications expire or become obsolete, this can affect opportunities for promotion or career change.

Managing the expiry of operational clearances and the obsolescence of certifications is an effective way of demonstrating that your company is operating safely and efficiently, reassuring customers and improving the quality of the organization. However, it's important to renew it on time, and track it all in a suitable tool to take full advantage of the benefits it offers.

Why digitize the management of your operational authorizations and certifications?

It's not easy to always track and manage your employees' certifications. That's why digitalization is so important.

First of all, manual management of operational clearances can be complicated, especially when several employees need to obtain various operational clearances, with different expiry dates. With manual management, it is easy to miss the renewal of clearances, which can have serious consequences for the employee, and the employer can be held liable in the event of a workplace accident.

Digitization offers many advantages when it comes to managing skills and authorizations. It can provide qualitative information on skills, measure deviations from job expectations, track skills evolution, and integrate relevant external skills. In addition, it enables you to centralize your company's operational authorizations in a single interface, view them by function, filter authorizations by expiry date to anticipate renewals, and receive timely alerts.

The digitization of skills management also makes it possible to involve your colleagues and make them responsible for obtaining their operational authorizations thanks to fun processes, to secure the processes for obtaining authorizations by subjecting them to a digitized, verified and complete process, and to reduce the risks of lost information and errors thanks to the elimination of multiple media.

In short, digitizing the management of operational authorizations and skills is a key lever for boosting productivity and ensuring regulatory compliance, while facilitating human resources management and optimizing talent management.

How can Mercateam help you digitize your operational authorizations and certifications?

and the obsolescence of certifications

Mercateam offers a complete solution to help companies digitize the management of their employees' skills and operational authorizations. Companies can track their employees' progress in real time, set objectives for versatility and skills enhancement, and launch customized training programs, all in one place.

Our platform also enables companies to track their employees' critical operational clearances with reminders to ensure that certifications are up to date. This feature is particularly useful for companies wishing to secure their know-how by avoiding concentrating it in the hands of a single person, and by anticipating retire ments or expiring certifications.

We offer dynamic multi-skilling and upskilling goal tracking that is accessible on the job. Companies can track their employees' progress with a comprehensive dashboard and value their experience and upskilling efforts.

Last but not least, Mercateam enables you to digitize training manuals and launch training courses at the click of a button. Companies can create personalized training paths, questionnaires to assess employees' skills, and track training progress with regular notifications. What's more, companies can demonstrate the compliance of their training courses by storing dated and signed proofs of training.

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