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Top 6 skills management software 2023

Are you looking for skills management software? Then you've come to the right place. Digital integration and automation of your competency management processes are essential but complex tasks. So it's crucial to choose a tool that matches your organization's specific needs. We offer you an overview of the best competency management software currently available. These tools will be your allies in mapping skills, identifying gaps, managing training and development (and much more) for your team.

Factors to consider when choosing skills management software

Choosing the right skills management software for your organization is not a decision to be taken lightly. Several key factors need to be taken into account to ensure that you opt for a tool that perfectly meets your needs.

1. Identify your specific needs: First understand the tasks you want to automate or improve with your competency management software. You may need specific functionalities such as skills tracking, performance assessment, gap identification or recommendation of relevant training courses. Some tools specialize in certain areas, so it's crucial to define your needs from the outset.

2. Customization: your organization is unique, and your skills management software should be too. Look for a tool that offers you the opportunity to shape it in your own image, so that it truly matches your processes and needs.

3. Integration with other tools: Your new skills management software will probably need to integrate with other systems already in place in your organization, such as HR software, project management platforms or e-learning systems.

4. Define your budget: Not all skills management software is created equal, and prices can vary by as much as double. It's important to determine how much you're willing to invest in this tool, and to ensure that the cost is proportional to the value it brings.

5. Involve your colleagues: Remember, you're not the only one using this skills management software. Your colleagues will also be involved. So it's a good idea to consult them and take their opinions into account. A tool that appeals to everyone through its visual appeal, intuitiveness and ease of use is more likely to be successfully integrated into your organization.

6. Customer service: Even the best competency management software in the world can sometimes leave us bewildered. That's where customer service comes in. Good support can make all the difference in solving your problems quickly and answering your questions. Don't overlook this aspect when making your choice.

By taking these criteria into account when evaluating different competency management software packages, you can choose the tool best suited to your organization.

Presentation of the 6 skills management software packages


Mercateam is a high skills management solution characterized by its highly operational approach. It is a skills and authorizations management software that precisely identifies the know-how of your employees, enabling you to better manage your human resources and increase the performance of your organization. What's more, Mercateam makes optimal use of skill data to manage key competencies and authorizations, while identifying who has which skills within the organization.

Skills management software

Benefits of Mercateam skills management software

  • Up-to-date skills enable you to organize your training plan and communicate it to the field in just 5 clicks.
  • Managers who use Mercateam save 5 hours a week in managing their teams.
  • Create a skills and professions repository and define your versatility objectives
  • Identify your employees' key skills and build team loyalty
  • Secure your skills and authorizations matrices so they're always up to date
  • Don't take risks with expiring skills and authorizations
  • 100% of know-how is accessible in the field via tablets and smartphones for your field operators.

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As the company's true Skills Hub, the eLamp solution enables you to map all your employees' expertise, thus establishing an essential link between human resources and operations. Whether for HR, adopting a top-down approach, or for operations, eLamp facilitates the management and optimization of skills within your organization.


Empowill offers an organized directory of professions and associated skills, making it possible to link skills, performance and training actions. In addition, it offers the possibility of evaluating skills and analyzing their evolution for improved anticipation.


Poka is a performance-enhancing platform for front-line manufacturers, supporting training, knowledge sharing and troubleshooting on the factory floor.


Skillup is a fully digital tool designed to support your skills management strategy, covering the areas of training, interviews and GPEC (Gestion Prévisionnelle des Emplois et des Compétences). Skillup enables you to put your skills management policy into practice by taking concrete training-related measures.


Neobrain is a solution specifically designed for white-collar workers, enabling you to manage your organization based on competency. By taking competencies into account, you can make quality decisions and develop an HR strategy tailored to your reality. This unique approach integrates individual motivations and updates skills in real time to reveal the talent of every member of your organization.