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January 26, 2023

AI: the essential ally to standardize and optimize your know-how

The importance of standardizing industrial know-how

Standardization and optimization of know-how are key elements for any company that wants to stand out in its market. However, these tasks can be complex and time-consuming, especially for companies that manage many different products and processes. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI ) comes in as an indispensable ally for companies.

By using the latest advances inAI, companies can:

  • Automate and improve their processes, while ensuring quality and profitability. For example, by using machine learning algorithms, companies can detect manufacturing defects and correct them before they propagate, ensuring product quality.
  • Optimize production processes, using data to predict raw material requirements and efficiently plan production.
  • AI can also be used to improve communication and coordination between different departments within a company, as well as between different companies in a supply chain. For example, by usingAI-based chatbots, companies can automate responses to common inquiries and facilitate communication with customers and business partners.
  • Analyze supply chain data and identify bottlenecks to improve coordination between companies.
  • Improve decision-making, planning and business strategy. By usingAI-based predictive algorithms, companies can forecast market trends and plan accordingly.
  • In addition, by usingAI systems based on game theory and mathematical models to simulate different business strategies, companies can explore the most profitable options.

Managing standards before AI

Before the advent of modern technology, manufacturers primarily used binders and papers to standardize their know-how. This could include procedure manuals, data sheets, standards and specifications. These documents were typically stored in filing cabinets or physical folders, and had to be manually accessed whenever an employee or business partner needed access to this information. This method was often exhausting, as it involved going through folders and binders to find the information needed. In addition, it made updating and correcting information more difficult, as it had to be done to each physical copy. There was also a higher risk of errors, as information could be misunderstood or mistranscribed when copying or updating these documents.

With the advent ofAI, manufacturers now have the ability to use digital tools to manage their business standards. These tools can include applications, electronic document management software, online databases and quality management systems. These tools can make it easier to find, update and disseminate standards, and can also help automate certain compliance processes, such as inspections and audits. In addition, these tools can enable real-time collaboration between different departments within the company and with business partners, which can improve decision making and communication. In short, modern digital tools enable companies to be more efficient, agile and secure in managing standards.

Using Chatbot GPT to standardize industry content creation processes

Chatbot GPT, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is an AI tool that can be used to automate content creation in industry. Using pre-trained templates, GPT chatbots can automatically generate protocols, processes, and other types of content, making it possible to standardize these processes.

Content creation is a critical process for industrial companies, as it ensures quality and process compliance. However, content creation can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when it comes to producing important documents such as protocols and processes. GPT chatbots can help automate these tasks by automatically generating quality content, thus significantly reducing the time needed to create documents.

GPT chatbots can also adapt to different writing styles, allowing companies to ensure that content is compliant with industry standards and legal requirements. GPT chatbots can also be trained to generate content in foreign languages, which can be useful for companies that operate internationally.

Standardizing content creation processes with Chatbot GPT has many benefits for businesses. First, it saves time by automating content creation. It can also improve content quality by ensuring that documents comply with industry standards and legal requirements. Finally, using GPT Chatbot can also reduce costs by reducing the need for labor to create content.

It's important to note that while GPT chatbots can be very useful for automating content creation processes, they will never completely replace humans. GPT chatbots must be supervised by employees to ensure that the content generated is of high quality and complies with industry standards and legal requirements.

ChatGPT x Mercateam

At Mercateamwe use the latest natural language processing (NLP) technology to help manufacturers standardize their workstations and manage their content efficiently. By using an NLP model like GPT-3, we can offer advanced chatbot functionality to facilitate user interaction.

We also offer automated content generation capabilities such as writing standard work procedures and creating user guides for workstations. This allows employees to have quick and easy access to accurate and up-to-date information.

With this advanced technology, Mercateam is able to streamline and optimize skills and content management processes for manufacturers. Employees also benefit from a better work experience through natural interaction with the systems and easy access to accurate information.

The video below shows how Mercateam uses ChatGPT to help industry save time in creating standardization content.

In summary

Standardizing know-how with the help ofAI is a key issue for industrial companies that want to improve their performance and stand out in their market.

By integratingAI into its application, Mercateam offers an effective solution for standardizing processes and mastering company know-how in an efficient and cost-effective manner, in order to remain competitive in a constantly changing market. So for all manufacturers who want to optimize their efficiency and save time, Mercateam is the ally you need!

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