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12 April 2022

The Colart Group digitises its shift planning at its factory in Le Mans

Discover in video how Colart, world leader in artist materials, has digitalised its production site in Le Mans.

Challenge: Digitization of production job assignment scheduling 

The Colart Group is the world leader in art materials. Owner of many renowned brands such as Lefranc Bourgeois, which since 1720 has been sharing its heritage and know-how with the whole world.

Colart has a factory in the city of Le Mans from which 15,000 references and 4 million liters per year are shipped. It is the world's leading factory for fine art products.

To keep up with its order books and continue to innovate to satisfy its customers' demands, the group must constantly monitor all the skills spread across its factories. Operators are therefore constantly being trained to keep the distribution of knowledge up to date and to ensure the transmission of expertise at all times.

The problem when training launches and follow-ups are not automated is the organization required to avoid delays and communication problems between the field and support. Unfortunately, the frequently used tools such as Excel, Word or paper are a source of errors and lack practicality.

The tool allows me to organise my training plan easily with the production manager and integrate it into the planning

Pamel, Human Resources Manager


The Colart Group's adoption of Mercateam has solved all of the problems associated with tracking training and evaluation audits. The tool allows field managers to identify critical skills in secondsThe tool allows field managers to identify critical skills, i.e. those shared by a small number of operators, and the positions associated with those skills in a matter of seconds.

It is then possible to launch a training program with just 3 clicks to address various skill needs.

Mercateam provides the possibility to create customized training audits. The organization can assess its operators based on the taught skills. Setting up these audits involves quickly constructing fully customizable questionnaires within the tool. With just a few clicks, you can create your own tailored questionnaire for each job role, which can be reused indefinitely.

This new method of course offers greater convenience and practicality in the field, with the possibility of accessing these forms via any connected device (smartphone, tablet, computer).

As production is the priority, it is possible to pause an assessment at the time of a peak in workload and resume it later. The progress of the assessment is displayed on the tool's dashboard, indicating which elements are on track and which are behind. In short, Mercateam provides a true training workflow.

Training follow-up and reports used to be made on complicated files or even on paper, documents which did not always reach the HR department.

Today, Colart centralizes this entire process via Mercateam and ensures that it is always up to date and aware of the operational training within it.


Colart achieved an 80% productivity gain on a production line by selecting the 50% most versatile members of its workforce during the health crisis.

Furthermore, Colart reduced the time required to manage on-site audits by a factor of four and digitized all competency tracking processes.

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