Excel spreadsheets and files never up to date ?

On average, we have 25 Excel and 30 Word documents to manage our teams in a factory of 100 people.

Mercateam aide à gerer ses cols bleu Pictogramme qui montre comme Mercateam permet de gérer ses équipes et ses chiffres

Digitise your resources at last !

In half a day, we digitise the skills and trainings of your teams. The result is an accurate assessment of the level of versatility in your plant !

Digitise your versatility matrix

Track and manage in real time skills, authorizations and health risks
Enhance the experience of your teams and motivate them to improve
Improve communication between support functions and the field
Be fairer in your annual evaluations

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Bring your teams up to speed in terms of skills and know-how

Digitise your know-how so that you no longer lose the information held today on notebooks or in the heads of soon-to-retire workers.

Easily prepare your company for tomorrow’s skills and give visibility to your teams
Launch training courses in one click
Follow the training courses in progress in your teams thanks to regular notifications.

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Screenshot de l'une des pages de l'outil Mercateam : Ograniser et transmettre les compétences dans les usines
Mercateam aide à gerer ses cols bleu

Centralise your resources in a powerful search tool

Find operators and available skills in a second
Reference all the know-how acquired over the years
Promote internal mobility
Prepare the training plan for your operators by targeting critical skills

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