[ Webinar ] 🧐 How does Guerlain digitalize the management of its factory teams? ❤️ [ Thursday, November 10, 2022 at 11:30 am ]
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It's hard to keep track of your teams without Mercateam.
A real-time dashboard.

Companies lack the tools to monitor and empower operators to improve.
With Mercateam's dashboard, you can monitor your key team management indicators in real time.
Use the various reports available to monitor your teams closely and take appropriate action
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Analyse, extract and measure the performance of your teams

Analyse, extract and measure the performance of your teams

Highlight all the important data about your teams: versatility, increase in skills, rate of absenteeism, etc.
Get to know your employees better and value them more fairly with various information: seniority, anniversaries, successes, etc.

Increase the skills and know-how of your teams

Increase your responsiveness to expiring contracts, skills, clearances and training.
Be notified three months in advance of all expiring clearances or skills and anticipate the need for training.
Be notified when a training is completed to validate it.
Anticipate retirements and/or contract terminations three months in advance, and anticipate your need for transmissions or recruitment.
Increase the skills and know-how of your teams
Manage your teams

Manage your teams

Mercateam standardises and centralises all your data: schedules, HR files, performance indicators, etc.
All the information you need is gathered on the same platform.
You can start training sessions or recruit directly from your platform. We eliminate on average 50% of the inconsistencies between the field and the support functions.

Did you think that was all?
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