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November 15, 2022

Prevention Passport: What you need to know

All workers are exposed to occupational risks, regardless of their sector of activity. In order to minimize the risks, companies are required to put in place adequate means of protection, to inform the workforce about the risks, but also to train them. In this context, the prevention passport is a new tool whose aim is to facilitate the sharing and monitoring of the various certificates of aptitude, authorizations and training of employees in relation to health and safety at work (with Mercateam, you have real-time information on the skills, authorizations and restrictions of all your employees).
What exactly is involved? Is it mandatory? 

We answer your questions on the subject.

What is the prevention passport?

The prevention passport is a new tool aimed at preventing occupational risks for workers. The prevention passport has been designed to facilitate the transmission of professional documents related to health and safety at work (certificates of aptitude, diplomas, authorizations, training, etc.).
More concretely, the prevention passport is an individual digital safe in which employees and employers will be able to import and consult the various documents mentioned above. Available from April 2023, it will be accessible from the My Training Account portal.

Who is the Prevention Passport for?

The prevention passport can be used by three categories of people. First, active workers and job seekers. They will be able to activate it from their training account and add to it throughout their professional career in order to enhance its value with their current and future employers. 

Employers also benefit from the prevention passport. Indeed, employers have access to a dedicated interface, allowing them to centrally monitor all training courses related to the health and safety of their employees. This will enable them to improve the monitoring of the training courses concerned. 

Finally, training organizationswill be able to enter the new skills acquired by their learners. 

It should also be noted that the prevention passport is not only deployed in France. In many other countries, its equivalent is the "safety passport". 

Who manages the prevention passport?

The prevention passport is managed by Caisse des Dépôts on behalf of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Integration.

Prevention passport: what the law says

Law No. 2021-1018 of August 2, 2021 is the source of the prevention passport. Section L. 4141-5 states: 

"The employer shall enter in a prevention passport the attestations, certificates and diplomas obtained by the worker in the context of the occupational health and safety training provided on his or her initiative. The training organizations shall fill in the passport according to the same procedures in the context of the occupational health and safety training they provide. The worker may also enter these elements in the prevention passport when they are obtained at the end of training courses which he has taken on his own initiative.

The worker may authorize the employer to consult all the data contained in the prevention passport, including those that the employer has not entered, for the purposes of monitoring the employer's obligations in terms of health and safety training, subject to compliance with the conditions for processing personal data set out in Article 4 of Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 on information technology, files and freedoms.

 A job seeker can open a prevention passport and enter the certificates and diplomas obtained in the context of the training he or she has taken in the fields of occupational health and safety.

When the worker or job seeker has an orientation, training and skills passport provided for in the second paragraph of II of article L. 6323-8 of this code, his or her prevention passport is integrated into it. It is implemented and managed according to the same procedures."

Schedule for the implementation of the prevention passport

Concerning the deployment of the prevention passport within companies, here is what is planned by the Ministry of Labour: 

02.08.2021: the prevention passport is included in the Labour Code 

08.2022: a decree has been issued to clarify the details of the prevention passport + opening of the public portal 

04.2023: the prevention passport will be open to workers

In 2023: the prevention passport will be open to employers

In 2024: the prevention passport will be available for consultation by employers


Is the prevention passport mandatory?

As a reminder, workplace safety training is a legal obligation. Indeed, the employer is required to offer mandatory training courses, such as fire safety, the use of certain equipment or machines, etc. In addition, companies must set up a prevention plan to assess the risks to which their employees are exposed, and to define an action plan to be implemented. 

In the same logic, and since it is now included in the Labour Code, the prevention passport is a tool that concerns all companies.

In summary

The prevention passport is a digital safe available from the My Training Account portal. It allows employees, employers and training organizations to enter certifications and other documents related to health and safety at work. The objective is to enable employers to better prevent occupational risks, and employees to enhance their skills with their employers.


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