[ Webinar ] 👨💻 How Berry Global digitized its shift schedules? [Friday, March 10, 2023]
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Mercateam is a tool that has been co-constructed with our partners to best meet their needs.


Dynamic multi-skill matrices
Advanced search
Definition of objectives for increasing skills
Team management with the dashboard
Notifications of expiries (skills, etc.)


All the features of the Starter package
Course management: launch, evaluation and electronic signatures
Creation of personalised digital questionnaires
Monitoring and analysis of results
Creation of personalised training paths


All features of the Starter and Trainer package
Automated intelligent planning with a decision prioritisation algorithm
Shift management
News feed of the site's activities
Monitoring of team versatility


Master your teams from A to Z
Starter Package
Trainer Package
Package Planner
Master your teams from A to Z
Work instructions standard
Annual appraisals and interviews

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