[ Webinar ] 👨💻 How Berry Global digitized its shift schedules? [Friday, March 10, 2023]
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Map and track your skills and clearances

Put an end to tracking skills
and versatility manually!
Meet the ISO and auditing standards in a few clicks
Track your critical work clearances with reminders
Control and manage skills, clearances
and health risks in real time
Put all your know-how too often in the head
of one person only
Anticipate contract expiries or retirements with
mercateam functionality
Set versatility targets

Set targets
for versatility

Set dynamic skills development goals that can be achieved on the ground
Track your progress towards your goals with a dashboard

Value the experience of your teams and their efforts to improve their skills
Use data analysis to be more factual in your annual reviews
Become more competitive by anticipating the needs

Increase the skills and know-how of your teams

Digitise your training material
Launch training courses in one click and ensure their compliance with dated and signed proof of training records.
Create customised training courses accessible on a computer, tablet or smartphone.
Create customised quizzes to assess the skills of your employees
Monitor these training courses through regular notifications on their progress
Increase the skills and know-how of your teams
Access all the knowledge from the fied and promote mobility

Access all the knowledge of the site and
promote mobility

Find all the operators and skills available in a second
Reference all the know-how acquired over the years and enhance the value of operational staff
Promote communication and agility in the site
Become a driver of internal mobility on the site
Identify critical skills and take appropriate decisions regarding training, recruitment, allowances, etc.

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