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Scattered documents, work instructions and paper audits... Say no to paperwork

Management of instructions to stations
Attach all documentation related to an employee directly to his/her file
Use the camera, our digital forms or the electronic signature to go paperless.
Centralise your data in Mercateam to break down silos in the organisation, access site data and promote cross-team communication and site agility.
50% of inconsistencies between the field and support functions eliminated.
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Generate documents for your employees in 1 click

Generate documents for your employees in 1 click

A filing cabinet is 3 centimetres thick. For a factory with 300 employees, that's 9 linear metres of paper to store.
Have trainers and evaluators sign off with a digital signature. No need to pass around the sign-in sheet to validate a training course!

Traceability & operator monitoring

The content is shared in one click in the field. It is then possible to monitor the reading rate of the document at the site level and check that the new instructions and guidelines are integrated by the employees.
Beyond improving communication between the support and the field, it is a way to ensure safety and quality on the site!
Traceability & operator monitoring
Safety and knowledge awareness

Safety and knowledge awareness

No more printed papers, filled in with a pen and scanned, and finally filed. The training follow-up is done on the field.
The trained operator, the tutor and the evaluator can sign the training documents next to the machines.
As soon as an action is carried out, the information is updated in real time in the platform and is instantly available to everyone.
The validated and signed training documents in Mercateam are often used by our partners during audits.

Did you think that was all?
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