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12 April 2022

Sagemcom digitalizes 100% of its skills to meet its business constraints

About Sagemcom

Nationality: France 🇫🇷

Sector: energy 📟

Sagemcom is a French industrial group, world leader in the manufacture of communication terminals for several markets (energy, telecommunications, audio and video etc.). Each year, more than 40 million products are shipped worldwide: set-top boxes for operators around the world, electricity meters, internet boxes, etc. With a presence in more than 50 countries, the group will achieve a turnover of 2.1 billion euros in 2021.

In January 2022, Sagemcom became a "mission-driven company" and took measures in the areas of the environment, well-being at work, diversity and ethics.


Sagemcom's factory is located in Taden in Brittany where electricity and gas meters are manufactured for private individuals and professionals.

The company regularly changes its production rates according to orders. Sometimes more batches have to be produced, in smaller quantities and for a wider range of products.

To be efficient in terms of production, Sagemcom has a major human challenge: to increase the versatility of operators through training and support.

However, before our collaboration, the company had difficulties in monitoring the skills of its employees.

While managing the skills development of operators on different production jobs was a real business challenge, such a transformation seemed difficult due to the lack of adequate tools. Indeed, the company used Excel spreadsheets to monitor skills and authorisations. As for absences, they were managed via dedicated software.

Mercateam's mission

Sagemcom chose Mercateam to support them in this project with one main objective in mind: to gain agility on the production lines.

For this purpose, we have defined the following sub-objectives:

  1. Digitalising skills and authorisations on Mercateam
  2. Digitalising training questionnaires to put an end to paper and excel
  3. Anticipating resource needs
  4. Digitalising and automating the planning of managers connected to skills


We worked with the Sagemcom teams, and more particularly :

  • The head teacher
  • Production managers
  • Managers
  • HR
  • The IT manager
  • The QHSE Manager


The complete mapping of Sagecom's skills and authorisations has been 100% digitised on Mercateam.

101 employees are valued and can follow their careers

Schedules, authorisations and training are digitalised

Career follow-up is organised with the possibility of anticipating training needs (retirement, loss of skills, etc.)

Benefits for the teams

The information from the operators on the field is now centralised and homogenised. It can be used very easily for quick and efficient decision making.

Production, management and HR managers can anticipate training needs, and are notified when critical skills or authorisations expire.

Sagemcom is now able to place the right person with the right skills in the right production position.

Key figures

7 Excels, Word, and PowerPoint files have been deleted. 2 processes are now 100% digitised.

What the Sagemcom teams think

We have put an end to Excel to manage our teams and for the first time we have data to monitor the organisation

Plant Manager
Skills and clearances monitoring, 100% digitised with Mercateam

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